Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Spreads to Nationally (Other Cities): Over 850 Cities

Occupy Wall Street movement spreads, to 847 cities: Democracy Now: U.S. "Occupy" Movement Grows as Protests Reported in 847 Cities; Obama Notes "Frustration":

Alternet placed the movement in 853 cities: "99% vs. 1% -- The Latest on Occupy Wall St. Movement: 853 Cities Across the World Shoring Up for the Long Haul":,_report_from_the_ground_in_nyc,_occupy_providence_plans_set/

Comprehensive list follows: NOTE scheduled for for upcoming protests.

Occupy Ashland, OR continues:

Ongoing Occupy Portland, OR continues, (Friday, 10/7 report) through weekend, with protestors camping in Lownsdale Park; apparent schedule conflicts with Portland marathon being worked out:
Thousands marched on Thursday, 10/6, photos and video:

Occupy Seattle, WA, marched Friday, 10/7, despite mayor's directive:
police violence video: Police Turn Violent At Occupy Seattle Protest!:

Occupy San Francisco, CA, protest march: Wednesday, 10/5, drew 800:
camp broken up in midnight hours, very early Thursday, 10/6:
video of force used by police: Police Brutality at Occupy SF encampment:

Occupy Los Angeles, CA, ongoing, growing, This weekend, Occupy Los Angeles could gain even more traction. A music festival is scheduled to take place on Saturday at noon at City Hall, and additional actions are expected., scheduled for Saturday, 10/8:

Occupy San Diego, CA, marched Friday, 10/7:

Occupy Tucson, AZ, scheduled for Saturday, 10/15:

Occupy Denver, CO, Friday, 10/7, rapper Lupe Fiasco stopped Occ Denver:

Occupy Dallas, TX (10/6): Occupy Dallas Day One Part 1 of 2 - UNN Newsroom with Alex Ansary:

Occupy Houston, TX (10/6): Civil Rights era protestor leads spiritual song: Occupy Houston spiritual:

Occupy Chicago, IL (10/7): Two weeks in, Occupy Chicago Is Gaining Momentum:
Occupy Chicago protest march scheduled for Saturday 10/8:

Occupy Detroit: organizational meeting scheduled for Monday, 10/10, occupation to begin, 10/21:

Occupy Cincinatti, scheduled for Saturday, 10/8, to rally at 11:00 AM at Lytle Park and march to Fountain Square:|head

Occupy Cleveland, OH Friday, 10/7:

Occupy DC (Washington, DC), Thursday, 10/6: rally at Freedom Plaza:

Occupy Nashville, TN, Friday, 10/7, with VIDEO:
Occupy Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Wednesday, 10/5:

Occupy Atlanta, GA: Woodruff Park, Friday, 10/7:

Occupy Miami, FL: protest scheduled for Saturday, 10/8, at the Torch of Friendship, in Downtown Miami's Bayfront Park, at 1:30 p.m:

Occupy Ft. Meyers, FL, organizational meeting scheduled for Saturday, 10/9:

Occupy Boca Raton, FL and Occupy Lake Worth, FL:

Occupy Philadelphia, PA, scheduled for Saturday, 10/8: "The "Let Freedom Ring" march will start off from Dilworth Plaza, next to city hall, at 2:30 p.m. and end at the Liberty Bell site on historic Independence Mall.":

Occupy Atlantic City, NJ, at the Bank of America branch on New Road and Bethel Road in Somers Point, scheduled for Sunday, 10/9, 3 PM: Contact: 609 442 2407 or 609-675 6322,

Occupy Hartford, CT, Friday, 10/7:

Occupy Boston, MA and Occupy Wall Street, New York, NY, Friday 10/7: Ivy League professors speak to anti-Wall Street protesters:

Occupy Maine (Portland): in two different location bases:

"The New York Times" began its reportage with a series of derisive articles. It is beginning to tone down the contempt: Occupy Anytown, U.S.A., Thursday, 10/6:

Contrary to what some in the corporate media are saying (illustrated by Noami Klein on Democracy Now, 10/6, regarding debut of Erin Burnett's glib dismissal of the movement), the protests do have objectives, see this post at the Washington Post: What Occupy DC wants: Less corporate money in politics:

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