Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pray for Just. Ginsburg's health

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 75, often touted as "the liberal voice" of the United States Supreme Court, has been hospitalized with pancreatic cancer.
Let's wish her a speedy and vigorous recovery.

Another Justice is in more advanced age, Justice John Paul Stevens, 88, appointed in 1975 by Gerald Ford. Stevens is the next most liberal member of the high court. (One wonders, was he waiting for Bush to be replaced, before he considered resigning?)

President Obama will likely have the opportunity this year to nominate two Supreme Court justices. Let's hope that he chooses strong liberals, in the mold of Ginsburg. For those interested in speculating on coming appointments, let's look at this Times piece on the right-ward tilt of the court appointees since the early 1970s.
Adam Liptak, "To Nudge, Shift or Shove the Supreme Court Left" "The New York Times," January 31, 2009.

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