Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jinnah's tragic legacy

The bitter feeling from the saga of India and Pakistan of several years of the recent decades has cast a shadow over Muhammad Ali Jinnah's partition vision. He envisioned partition of India into a Muslim nation and India proper, motivated by concern for justice for Muslims. He feared that their concerns would be ignored by a Hindu-dominated India.

Instead, we have on-going military spats between the two nations;
and now the two rivals are nuclear-armed.

An idealist supporting partition at the time might argue: partition will spare the respective nations of communal violence. Hardly. It has been keen feature in India.

One can just envision how things might progress, if the current Islamist destabilization continues. Imagine the following:
Talibanists further penetrate Pakistani society, not merely militarily, but inserting their presence in popular thought and allegiances; and they eventually control more of the country.
Pakistanis realize the danger and in a desperate move to stanch the Talibanist drive and ultimate takeover of Pakistan,
seek union of the remaining non-Taliban regions of the country with India.

Imagine the alternate gloom scenario:
Talibanists take over all of the country: not just rural regions, tribal regions and secure not just allegiances of a few corrupt security force members,
but also take over the commercial and governmental cores of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Securing the military apparata, they also secure nuclear weapons.
Pakistani government statement, cited in "Pakistan Times."

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