Monday, June 15, 2009

Busting myths of Canadian national health care

The U.S. media, mainly the corporate media, but also the non-profit media (suckered in by dominant myths about the Canadian health care), undercut public support for a national health care system in the U.S., with cynical, distorting myths about the nature and quality of Health Canada.
See this site, " 'Mythbusters' by the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation" at Physicians for a National Health Program (an American organization, by the way).
Canada Health Services Research Foundation's "competent and scholarly analyses of health policy and financing provide a counterpoint to the dishonest and mendacious “research” produced by corporate and ideologue-funded institutions such as the Fraser Institute. In this series of briefs, CHSRF researchers refute many of the myths about the Canadian health system and publicly-financed health care in general."
Click to access these reports (in PDF) on the facts, to debunk the lies of Fox News and company:
* The myth that: User fees (i.e., copays) would stop waste and ensure better use of the health care system
* The myth that: For-profit ownership of facilities would lead to a more efficient health care system
* The myth that: A parallel private system would reduce waiting times in the public system
* The myth that: Canada has a communist-style healthcare system
* The myth that: Canadian doctors are leaving for the United States in droves

Arm yourselves with these facts, to counter the arguments that Canada's health system is a disaster. Polls show that Americans actually do support a national, government-initiated health care system. The only things that are standing in the way of this: (a) Americans are deceived of the facts by the corporate media, (b) America's congressional representatives are beholden to the health care and pharmaceutical companies from whom they receive campaign contributions.

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