Monday, November 1, 2010

Washington Post's go-to site (& book) explaining 2010 health care reform law

Here's a great book by the Washington Post staff, explaining in simple, straight-forward terms, how Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the March 23, 2010 health care reform law helps Americans.

See also this handy Washington Post interactive website "What does the health care bill mean to me?," explaining how the health care reform law affects you. The search tool has individualized features such as consideration of your marital status and your income level.
The health-care overhaul will change the way millions of Americans get health insurance and require nearly everyone to have health insurance or face penalties. A number of factors - including income, age, location and family size - will determine how it specifically impacts your life. This tool estimates what it could mean for your health coverage and taxes based on your income, family size and current insurance status.
These are essential tools for activists and voters, for understanding the health care reform law ("Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act"), in advance of Tuesday's midterm U.S. Congressional elections, November 2, 2010. The election will be a referendum, in part, on the legislation.

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