Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sanctions not enough; Obama must get Navy to accompany Free Libya flotilla

Here are the bloody, menacing headlines again,
Armed pro-Gadhafi gangs roll in Libyan capital

We read in the New York Times today that armed men are shooting from ambulances. This echoes news that we have been reading in recent days. (It has been tough getting news from Muammar Gaddifi (Qaddifi)-controlled-western Libya. Wikileaks won't get us the key news. We rely on tweets. See the tweet side-bar on the Al-Jazeera English website.)

President Barack Obama needs to stop seeking the favor of despotic Russian or Chinese regime leaders. He needs to think about doing what is right. He and the U.S. would get much mileage of support from the Arab Street if aids the opposition in Free Libya (the former Gaddafi officers and other ad hoc freedom fighters), the greater Benghazi region.

Obama needs to dispatch a warship. along with aerial cover from one of the U.S. stations in the Mediterranean to Benghazi, to accompany the rebel freedom fighter forces, and support them in a sea journey to Libyan capital Tripoli.
From a small amount of effort, the U.S. would gain great Arab support, in the support of democratic-republican freedom in the Arab world, rather than trying not to offend a handful of Moscow or Beijing despots and accompanying acolytes.

On a silly aside, has anyone noticed that in the last decade, Qaddafi looks like pioneering Latin-rock guitarist Carlos Santana? Both wear kufi caps. Both have an uneven goatee moustache and beard. You never see both in the same place... I'm just saying.

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