Friday, April 19, 2013

BREAKING: 2nd Suspect Captured, Alive, in Watertown / MA. Gov. Deval Patrick Begins News Conference

Joint state, local and FBI dragnet and capture of the second Boston Marathon suspect Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, captured at 67 Franklin Street, Watertown, Massachusetts, between Mt. Auburn Street and Arsenal Street. Suspect is suffering from blood loss from two gunshots wounds including in one in the neck. He is in transit to Mt. Auburn Hospital, in western Cambridge.
Second suspect is in photo at left. This is the same hospital where a transit (MBTA) police officer, shot early today, is recovering from gunshot wounds. Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were thrown at police officers.
On the scene with the suspect is the high value interrogation (HVIG) unit. No Miranda warning has been issued, with a public safety investigation exemption.
His older brother, 26, was shot in a pre-dawn pursuit in Cambridge. Brother died under treatment in hospital. Convenience store was robbed by the two brothers, who fatally shot a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus police officer.
The suspect was holed up under a tarp in a small boat in a house yard. A citizen noticed movement in the boat and made the pivotal tip report to authorities.
Bombs were found at the suspects' home.
The lockdown of western Boston suburbs is over. However, others, in New Bedford, are under investigation, as police are interviewing past roommates of the brothers. Investigators are going through personal computer files.

9:29: Press conference was held by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. As of 10:09 pm, EST president Barack Obama made a statement at the press briefing room at the White House.

Sources: WHDH-TV, NBC affiliate in Boston; NBC News; CBS News.

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