Friday, January 10, 2014

Stop Citizen's United - Sign Kay Hagan's Petition vs. Citizen's United


Citizens United opened the floodgates for outside special interest groups, run by the likes of Karl Rove and the Koch brothers, to dominate the conversation around our elections. There’s no transparency. There’s no accountability. And it needs to end.
Urge Congress to reverse the effects of Citizens United — sign the petition.
Members of Congress:
It’s time we put an end to limitless corporate cash in our elections.
Elections should be about the people and their interests, not the powerful and their bank accounts.
It’s time for Congress to end the disastrous effects of Citizens United, and restore accountability and transparency to our campaign finance system.
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Daily kos, FRI NOV 15, 2013 AT 07:52 AM PST

NC-Sen: Kay Hagan (D) Highlights The Negative Effects Citizens United Has Had On North Carolina

You’ve all heard of Citizens United -- the Supreme Court decision that paved the way for Super PACs and out-of-touch special interests to spend millions of dollars in our elections with no transparency.
North Carolinians have seen the damage of all that secretive spending. According to theCenter for Public Integrity, our state judicial races in 2012 were “rocked” by the Citizens United decision. And we’ve already seen the outside interests hard at work in our race, launching attacks on TV, online, even on billboards to influence North Carolinians.
It’s not a secret to anyone: Our campaign finance system is broken. It’s far past time we took steps to fix it.
I’m joining with a group of my colleagues to call for an end to the effects of Citizens United, and we need you to join us. Can you sign the petition right now?
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Kay Hagan, junior and first term U.S. Senator from North Carolina in 2014, is in many ways one of the most progressive Democrats to come out of the Carolinas in a long time. Elected in the wake of President Obama's 2008 victory, her labor union ratings are good, and her candidacy deserves support. A Washington Post article, "Can Sen. Kay Hagan can get away with what other red state Democrats can’t?," noted her braving conservative region conventions: among other issues, she has declared her support for marriage equality.

It will be a tough campaign. Elizabeth Dole has already come out with sleaze attacks attacking her religious beliefs. But Hagan's not backing down, and has ads of her own.

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