Saturday, February 11, 2017

All the Town Halls You Need to Protest At -- A Directory, with Dates, Times, Places, Street Addresses

*Directory of Congressional Town Halls
The new rage among the people is to appear at town halls of members of Congress, and maybe senators also, and let them know that you don't want medical care access shredded or that you would like a Trump presidential cabinet that wasn't filled with ill-experienced self-serving cronies masquerading as department secretaries.

Here it is: all the town halls (currently known):
Town Hall Project 2018 : Upcoming Events:

Please send all questions/comments/updates to

**Compiled by volunteers from each Congress member's official website, Twitter, or Facebook.

Town Hall - A forum where members of Congress give updates on the current affairs of Congress and answer questions from constituents
Office Hours - Serves the same purpose as a Town Hall, however Elected Officials are not always expected to attend
Ticketed Event - Oftentimes county party events, local fundraisers, or campaign functions. There may be a fee for admission.
Tele-Town Hall - A town hall conducted by conference call.

And here, THE new playbook that progressive grassroots are using to challenge the Trump administration, Trump allies, or even Democrats that are more concerned with their own coziness with powers that be than actually serving the people: The Indivisible Guide.

Here's the link to the book on a web page:

And also links for downloading the book in PDF, in English or Spanish:


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