Thursday, July 5, 2018

Remaining primaries in 2018

Congratulations to the progressives winning this year, from Pennsylvania to Virginia to New York!

Reminder: the general election for the midterms is November 6, 2018.

Brand New Congress candidates --the site has endorsees for many of the states below.

Justice Democrats --primaries remain for their Florida, Georgia, Hawaii and Kansas, Massachusetts,Michigan, Missouri, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin endorsees.

Here's where primaries are remaining:

July 17: Alabama (run-off) (no BNC or JD endorsees)

 July 24: Georgia (run-off) -Justice Democrat Lisa Ring (1st District - Savannah and elsewhere in eastern Georgia) is going directly to the final election as the nominee. Stacey Abrams, likewise, is the Democratic nominee for governor.

August 2 (a Thursday): Tennessee

August 7: Kansas; Michigan; Missouri; Washington

August 11 (a Saturday): Hawaii

August 14: Connecticut; Minnesota; Vermont; Wisconsin

August 21: Wyoming

August 28: Florida (regular primary); Oklahoma (run-off)
Where the Justice Democrat endorsees in Florida are (*also endorsed by the Brand New Congress):
Chardo Richardson*, primarying first termer Stephanie Murphy in the 7th District (northern Orlando metro area, including much of downtown Orlando - Murphy has not really been opposing Donald Trump), Sanjay Patel, if the nominee,would be challenging Republican incumbent Republican Bill Posey in the 8th District (the Space Coast -Posey has supported the Trump agenda in Congress 90% of the time), Pam Keith, if the nominee, would be challenging incumbent Republican Brian Mast in the 18th District (Treasure Coast: Ft. Pierce to Palm Beach -Mast has supported Trump 93% of the time); Michael Hepburn*, if the nominee,would be challenging incumbent Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in the 27th District (southern Miami metro area)

September 4: Massachusetts

September 11: New Hampshire

September 12 (a Wednesday): Rhode Island

September 13 (a Thursday): New York (state offices)

Justice Democrats who have already won (*endorsed by Brand New Congress)

Nebraska: Kara Eastman, for U.S. House, District 2
New York: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez*, for U.S. House, District 14
Pennsylvania: Jess King, for U.S. House, District 11, uncontested
Texas: Lorie Burch, for U.S. House, District 3
Vanessa Adia*, for U.S. House, District 12, uncontested
Adrienne Bell*, for U.S. House, District 14
Lindsey Fagan*, for U.S. House, District 26

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