Thursday, September 25, 2008

Palin certified as free from witchcraft --in 2005

Just when you thought it was safe to remove your attention from all of the bizarre features of Gov. Sarah Palin's (Alaska) life and politics, news comes of a strange blessing at one Wasilla church.

A visiting pastor from Kenya, Thomas Muthee, blessed Sarah Palin as free from "witchcraft." News reports today indicated today that in 2005 Palin, then aspiring for higher office, accepted an anti-witchcraft blessing at the pentacostal Wasilla Assembly of God church. Muthee's blessing was inherently part of a larger critique of school policies that promote awareness of twenty-first century America's diverse spiritual traditions,
"If we have that in our schools we will not have kids being taught how to worship Buddha, how to worship (Prophet) Mohammed. We will not have in the curriculum, witchcraft and sorcery," Muthee said.

The youtube video of the blessing appears at right on this blog page.

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