Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama leading in Omaha; victory lauded by state's Democratic Senator

Barack Obama is leading by over 1,200 votes in unofficial figures for Nebraska's Second Congressional District, which contains Omaha.
The Lincoln Journal Star cites Obama has having more than 134,000 votes in the district; this would mean that he would have a lead of 1,260 over John McCain.

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson lauded Obama for his victory in the eastern Nebraska district.
"Today, Nebraska's 2nd District voters added an 'Obamaha' shaped exclamation point to Barack Obama's historic election. It really is a new day in America when he even picks up an electoral vote in Nebraska.

Nebraska and Maine have unique laws allowing electoral votes to be apportioned to different candidates; votes are split by Congressional District. This occasion is the first since 1964 that a Democrat earned an electoral vote in the state.

The state's other senator, Chuck Hagel traveled with Obama to Europe this summer; Hagel's wife, Lilibet, endorsed Obama last month.

This brings Obama's electoral count to 365, to McCain's 162. Complete results will not be known until next week. Obama won North Carolina; Missouri results remain undetermined.

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