Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jackson's 2002 will cuts out Joe Jackson & Deborah Rowe; dermatologist the donor for Jackson's children?

The Michael Jackson controversies just keep on going.

First, his parents are hard-set that he died intestate.

But, then, a lawyer associate appeared, and said that the actual will is in the safe of attorney John Branca. The buzz is from today's "Daily Mail" (London), that the will cut out Joe Jackson, because the father beat and otherwise abused Michael Jackson during Michael's childhood years. ("Entertainment Weekly" reports that John Branca and John McClain --no, not Janet Jackson-- will be the estate's executors.)

Remember, as the Chicago Tribune reminded us, June 28, 2009, Michael publicly said that he'd have to vomit when he saw his father.
And Deborah Jeanne Rowe has been cut out of the will also, the Associated Press reports today.

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