Friday, August 28, 2009

Hear stories of how European health care compares with American health care, from Americans living abroad

The commercial media, particularly FoxNews and poorly informed reporters, pump us with stories of the horrors of European public medical care.
Yet, Public Radio International (PRI)'s "The Takeaway" aired this morning (August 28, 2009) interviews with Americans living abroad, to hear how European health care compared with health care in the United States.

Read also the background on the medical systems of Germany and the United Kingdom. They have better rankings in terms of infant mortality rates and life expectancy than the United States has.

Interviews are by John Hockenberry and Femi Oke. Interviewed guests, living abroad, in Bavaria, Northern Ireland and Russia are Cynthia Geyer, Amanda Graham and Lynne Udoalov.
Click here for this and other The Takeaway segments this month on healthcare, or Healthcareroundtablesinternational.

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