Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meet Orlz Taitz, as wikipedia struck down a bio

Meet Orly Taitz, the lawyer for the birther movement, as wikipedia scrubbed an attempt at a bio of her. Actually, her intrusion into in the American constitutional process raises a paradox. She lectures us over the issue of President Barack Obama's native US birth, yet she was actually born abroad (in the Soviet Union, in a section that later broke away from the Ukraine as Moldova). I sense some projection, in the psychological sense of the word. She operates as a lawyer, yet she got her law degree from a correspondence institution, Taft. The way she screeches, I'd be uncomfortable with her working near my mouth, in her other profession, dentist.
Joseph A. Palermo at Huffington Post wrote (today, August 4, 2009)a funny and spot-on piece about her.

As he said, Taitz has crowded into Ann Coulter's turf as Tourette's-like right-wing spouter of crazy ideas. The difference between Coulter and Taitz is that Coulter is just pushing our buttons; the astute suspect that she's being theatrical for effect. Taitz, no doubt, is completely convinced of her delusional interpretation of reality.
She doesn't have the best legal scruples: she submitted a forged Kenyan certificate to a US court (the document reads "Republic of Kenya," yet it was dated months before Kenya became a republic.) See TPM, "Why is Orly Taitz in Israel Two Days After Submitting a Forged Obama Birth Certificate to a US Federal Court?," August 3, 2009.
She's an ugly spirited bigot, for as TPM reports,
"she is on record saying that Israel's Arab enemies should be "exterminated" rather than merely defeated, and appears to have refused a ride to MSNBC's affiliate in Tel Aviv because she believed the driver to be a Muslim. Like right-wing settlers (see video), Taitz is also fond of calling her critics "nazis" or "brownshirts," as she did with David Schuster in her interview from Tel Aviv."

As to Taitz, she's racheting up the insinuations. In her implosion on MSNBC, see vieo at right, she goes beyond her false claim that Obama was not born in the US; she claims that he is invalid as a president since one of his parents was not a US citizen. We've got news, you supposed lawyer, only the candidate needs to be a citizen by birth; the parents don't enter the equation.

Attractive, well coiffed, she'll be around for a while --I can bet you this, as this is the country where seven of ten Republicans support ex-Governor Sarah Palin.

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