Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rob Miller, Democratic challenger to Joe "You Lie" Wilson reaps cash rewards

South Carolina Democratic Iraq War veteran Rob Miller has cashed in, in the fallout over Joe Wilson's "you lie" retort, disrupting President Barack Obama's speech.

... and he boost his opponent's fund-raising, on the order of $500,000 in one day.
See this story from Congressional Quarterly Politics at
"'You Lie' Fallout: Foe Hauls in Quick Half-Million":

Rob Miller, Wilson's Democratic challenger for the 2010 contest for Wilson's seat, reaped half a million dollars in the 24 hours following the Congressman's disruptive yell.
By 48 hours, Miller garnered $1,000,000 in donations, the "Washington Post" reported.
Miller has apparently surpassed Wilson's fundraising.

Click here to reach two-Iraq tour Iraq vet, Rob Miller's website.

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