Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why does Verizon make online payment impossible?

Verizon will NOT make payment possible online.
And their phone service is not helpful toward this end.

I attempted to make a payment online.
Now they have an added charge: you used to be able to do this online.
Actually, in the Nynex days you could pay in person at customer service centers.

However, now you encounter a message at their site saying that you must pay $3.50 at an outside vendor.
What is the other option? You must register if you want to bypass that.
What does registration involve? you must wait for a PIN.

OK, what if you want to pay at an authorized payment center.
But the official Verizon payment center locations directory says that there are no authorized payment centers for zip codes for the vicinity of zip codes for lower Manhattan, mid-town Manhattan, downtown Brooklyn, western, central queens.
OK, so if you want to go to checkfreepay centers. They do not take checks
they want cash.

As I have been typing this, I have been on hold for 55 minutes on bothn my landline to 1-888-669-9901, and my cellphone to Verizon's standard local number for service/ payment matters, 1-718-890-1550.
Hello, Verizon! This blogpost should be a wake up call that you have to reform your ways, or people will search out your competitor phone companies.

Another route that we should take is to rally to have a consumer's bill of rights, just as Congressman Barney Frank and President Barack Obama have been pushing to roll back the most egregious abuses of the credit card companies.

You know, in the not so far distant past, like ten years ago, you could go to centers, staffed by real humans (as I noted earlier). The elimination of these centers has meant the elimination of jobs. And furthermore, it is apparent that many of your service assistance calls are not being handled by employees in the United States but by people in India. In a time of declining domestic (i.e., American) employment, it is critical to do what little one can to support live human beings that are working in the United States. Off-sourcing and modern technology are sending jobs abroad.

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