Sunday, August 28, 2011

SUN. 1130 AM IRENE UPDATES: Flood Waters Breach onto New York City Streets

Hurricane Irene has been downgraded from Saffir-Simpson Category 1 to a tropical storm.

The eye of the storm has reached lower parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens. The winds are moderate, reduced from level it had been off lower New Jersey.

WABC-TV has shown East River flood waters breaching through concrete barriers, onto South Street, in the vicinity of Wall Street.

Time-Warner's NY1 has shown the Hudson River lapping over the edge, in the Tribeca area and the boardwalk of Battery Park City (cresting at 9:45 AM).

In Brooklyn, flood waters are covering Manhattan Beach streets.

In Staten Island, the Bulls Head section had flooding rising from the Fresh Kills and the Arthur Kills channel between New Jersey and Staten Island. (remaining flooded at 11:30 AM)

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