Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rock n Roller Nugent, Whose Endorsement Romney Camp. Acknowledged, Man Messing Around with Underage Girls

As reported (citing Politicus USA), rock 'n roll guitarist Ted Nugent said some violent words at a National Rifle Association convention this weekend, but that's not the only problem with the man whose endorsement the Mitt Romney for president campaign accepted.

Apparently, Nugent said in a 1998 VH1 "Behind the Music" interview that he messed around with underage girls back in his 1990s tours.

Of course, whether this was legal messing around or statutory rape, depends on a few factors.

From the videocafe, with allusions to Nugent's being a chickenhawk:
Lawrence O'Donnell went after Nugent for his draft dodging during Vietnam tonight, but he didn't mention this. I wonder if Romney is still going want Nugent's endorsement if the media picks up on this story as well. Given Nugent's history of violent rhetoric, you've got to wonder why Romney thought chasing after this guy for an endorsement was a good idea in the first place. Now we can add bragging about potential serial statutory rape, depending on just how young and what states these girls lived in, to the list of why his campaign should not have touched Nugent with a ten foot pole.

As this site reports, Nugent's marriage fell apart due to infidelity on the road, including with a 17 year old girl:

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