Saturday, July 13, 2013

BREAKING: Jury Says Zimmerman Not Guilty

The five white women of six women jury delivered their verdict:

George Zimmerman not guilty. Daily Kos

Other post verdict posted news: NBC News: IT director who alleged evidence withheld from Zimmerman defense fired

Fire Dog Lake: Zimmerman Verdict: Not Guilty– Livestream

Fire Dog Lake LiveStream: Zimmerman Verdict: Not Guilty

At Democratic My prayers to the family of Trayvon Martin at this difficult time!

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This is about race. This majority white jury did not reflect the African-American experience.

This blogger is of the opinion that the prosecution did not put up a strong, spirited case, built for the Trayvon Martin's family. And some of the MSNBC commentators are now saying this.

Commenter notes that felony disenfranchisement bars ex-felons from serving on juries.

It is disappointing that this is the law for people that have already done their time, and that they are banned from serving on juries once they are free and back in society.

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