Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Gloria Allred Says More Women Are Contacting Her About Trump Misconduct

The Gothamist reports:

Gloria Allred Says More Women Are Contacting Her About Trump Misconduct

The lawyer, who has represented victims in high profile sex offender cases, that she is seeking more women who have been victimized by Republican Party nominee Donald Trump.

Gloria Allred, the civil rights lawyer who takes on high-profile targets, like Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski and, yes, Trump, confirmed to us that since the Access Hollywood tape's release, she has been "contacted by women who allege inappropriate contact by Mr. Trump."
From the Gothamist, yesterday, October 10, 2016:
More to the point, Allred discussed how Trump's words suggest criminal behavior. "If there is an unwanted or unconsented to touching of a person’s intimate parts such as the genital areas or a woman’s breasts, that could constitute a sexual assault or a sexual battery," she explained yesterday. She added that "when Rudy Giuliani was asked" on Sunday's political programs "if Donald Trump was describing a sexual assault on the recently released 2005 video, he responded, 'That’s what he was talking about.'" Allred said, "I am disgusted by what Donald Trump said and admitted that he had done on that video. An apology is not enough."
The Access Hollywood tape was discovered after the AP's report featuring former crew members on Trump's reality show, The Apprentice, describing his demeaning behavior towards women; in one example, he allegedly judges female contestants' breast sizes and discusses which women he'd want to have sex with. Allred released a statement last week, citing the numerous sexual harassment lawsuits and his lecherous behavior: "If Mr. Trump were to be elected president he would be the employer of the largest workforce in the country, federal government employees. Mr. Trump in that role would be sending a message through his past words and actions that sexual harassment of women in the workplace is acceptable and this could lead to other employers believing that they can follow Mr. Trump’s lead and openly sexually harass their female employees, thereby creating and condoning a hostile workplace for working women."
We need a President who respects the rights of women in the workplace not someone who creates a hostile and sexist environment for women who work and not someone like Mr. Trump who believes pregnancy is an inconvenience for employers; and who enables sexism. I call on Donald Trump to release all of his employees and former employees from their non-disclosure clauses so that they can tell the public what they suffered when they had the unfortunate experience of working for Donald Trump, and I urge him to promise not to retaliate against them if they tell the truth.
Donald Trump once made a remark to TMZ about me. He said "Gloria would be very very impressed" which TMZ suggested in the context of the interview with him meant that I would be impressed with his penis.
No Donald, I wouldn’t. What would impress me would be having Hillary Rodham Clinton in the White House, not a man who blatantly denigrates women in the workplace.
Allred, a Clinton supporter, was a delegate at the Democratic National Convention.

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