Tuesday, October 11, 2016

In 1998 Trump said that Bill Clinton was the Victim of the Women that Charged him with Sexual Assault

Disgraced Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump on Sunday paraded out the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault in the 1990s.
First, he did this at his press conference and then he did this at the town hall debate in St. Louis, attempting to seat them in the front row. As we see below, about 20 years ago, he cast Clinton as the victim of the women.

Now, it is horrendous if Bill Clinton committed sexual assault against the women. However, it seems just gratuitous and self-serving if Trump only brings up the issue in the eleventh hour of his campaign when his numbers are sliding.

Read what Trump said in 1998 about his accusers. He only seems to be concerned for the women's rights and dignity now that he is opposing Bill Clinton's wife in an election. As reported at WSGW, FM Talk 100.5 of Carrollton, Michigan, "Flashback: Donald Trump Called Bill Clinton’s Accusers ‘Terrible’ and ‘Unattractive’ and Former President ‘Terrific’":

But if you rewind to 1998, the Republican presidential nominee had a very different view of the 42nd president, defending him as the real “victim” in the wake of the fallout of the Monica Lewinsky scandal and blasting the accusers as “terrible” and “unattractive.”
He also suggested that Clinton should have kept the scandal — which he said “should have been nothing — to himself.”
Days after President Clinton admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Trump said Clinton was a “victim” and critiqued the physical appearances of various women with whom Clinton had been accused of having extramarital relations at different times.
“It’s like it’s from hell, it’s a terrible group of people,” Trump said in an interview with FOX News’ Neil Cavuto on Aug. 19, 1998.
Asked by Cavuto if Clinton’s image as a “quasi-sex symbol” stood to somehow benefit from the alleged extramarital relations, Trump took issue with the characterization.
“I don’t necessarily agree with his victims, his victims are terrible,” Trump said. “He is really a victim himself. But he put himself in that position.”
“The whole group, Paula Jones, Lewinsky, it’s just a really unattractive group. I’m not just talking about physical,” he said.
“Would it be any different if it were a supermodel crowd?” Cavuto then asked.
“I think at least it would be more pleasant to watch,” Trump replied.

Then, we have Donald Trump's newest charge, his claim that Hillary Clinton as a lawyer laughed at a rape victim. This is a false charge. What she laughed at were procedural errors, and this laugh was not in the presence of the purported victim.
This only goes to show the depths of the Trump campaign desperation.

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