Friday, December 5, 2008

For a humanitarian intervention in Zimbabwe

For humanitarian reasons, the international community should depose the Zimbabwean government.
The United Nations should assemble a coalition of nations, from the continent of Africa, to intervene and depose the government.
The government has held an election, has ignored the will of the people, and the human situation is deteriorating. The economic collapse has been bad enough.
Now, the governmental, administrative inefficacy has been exposed in the breakdown of the hospital system and the cholera epidemic is an outcome of the multiple breakdowns in the nation. Nine of the ten provinces are now affected. As of December 4, 2008, the epidemic has spread to some adjacent areas in Botswana and South Africa.

The United Nations, the World Health Organization have not contributed adequate resources so far to the crisis. Southern African nations, notably Botswana and South Africa, and Australia and the European Union are to be commended for their humanitarian contributions. See this link to the wikipedia article on the cholera outbreak. However, the crisis is worsening by the day and more urgent action is required.

" - linking the world to Zimbabwe" is a good site that assembles various stories on the humanitarian crisis.

We should consider our fellow people on the planet our brothers and sisters. Figuratively speaking, our brothers and sisters are dying by the road in Zimbabwe. We should step in and save their lives.

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