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Update: Best page for 2012 Republican Party presidential primaries dates, # of delegates, winner-take-all or proportional

My developing table on 2012 Primaries and Caucuses for the Republican Presidential Nomination: (parentheses = probably)
The Republican National Convention will be held at the Tampa Bay Times Forum, Tampa, Florida, August 27 (Monday) to 30 (Thursday), 2012.
State Date (Sat. elections in italics) Caucus or primary Open or closed Winner-Take-All or proportional Number of delegates
Iowa evangelical January 3 Caucus Closed Proportional 28
New Hampshire libertarian but New England January 10 Primary Open to Republi- cans and Indepen- dents Proportional 12
South Carolina evangelical January 21 Primary Open Winner-take-all 25
Florida evangelical, Old South north; cosmopolitan southern section January 31 Primary Closed Winner-take-all 50
Nevada libertarian West; besieged with foreclosures February 4 Caucus Closed Proportional 28
Maine (municipal level) February 4 to 11 Caucus Closed Determined at precinct level (Likely WTA) 24
Colorado social conserv., but libertarian February 7 Caucus Closed Unbound 36
Minnesota February 7 Caucus Open Unbound 40
Missouri (non-binding, see 3/17 cauc.) February 7 Primary Modified Alloct. at convention 52
Arizona February 28 Primary Closed WTA 29
Michigan February 28 Primary Closed Proportional (15% threshold) 30
Washington March 3 Caucus Closed Mixed WTA/Proportional 43
Alaska March 6 Caucus 27
Georgia March 6 Primary 76
Idaho March 6 Caucus 32
Massachusetts March 6 Primary 41
North Dakota March 6 Caucus 28
Ohio March 6 Primary 66
Oklahoma March 6 Primary 43
Tennessee March 6 Primary 58
Vermont March 6 Primary 17
Virginia March 6 Primary 49
Wyoming March 6 to March 10 Caucus (County Convention) 29
Table in progress. Corrections, comments are welcome.
Aside from the above table,
the following is the link for THE best site for the races for the 2012 Republican presidential nominating convention:
The Florida and Virginia primaries (January 31 and March 6, and 50 delegates and 46 delegates, respectively) will be pivotal. Florida will be a winner-take-all state.
Florida polls hours: they are open 7 AM to 7 PM (yet, the West Florida Panhandle votes has a later deadline, as the 7 PM Central Time closing time is 8 PM Eastern Time.
Virginia winner-take-all at the district level; WTA at state level if a candidate gets a majority. These Virginia rules will be moot, since Mitt Romney and Ron Paul were the only ones that qualified for the ballot, one of the two will get a majority, of course.
So, in essence, Virginia is throwing the nomination to Romney, with its ballot qualification rules.

The following states had their allotted delegate counts reduced by 50 percent for moving their primary election dates earlier: New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Michigan.
1,128 delegates are needed for the Republican nomination; 2,255 delegates are available.

The site, "The Green Papers: Presidential Primaries 2012: Republican Delegate Selection and Voter Eligibility", gives a wide range of important details: not just election date, but also indications for primary or caucus, winner take all or proportional, number of delegates:

Other authoritative reference: --but only for first five elections

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