Monday, October 13, 2008

Debunking WSJ's Fund's lies about ACORN & elections

Media Matters debunks John Funds' distortions about ACORN and vote fraud.
No one likes vote fraud. Fraudulent votes distort the will of the electorate; they malign the integrity of the vote. Yet, we cannot countenance Republican vote suppression or distortions of what is happening in voter registration drives.
Here's the opening of the Media Matters article, "John Fund introduces new falsehoods in 2008 version of Stealing Elections"
Summary: In the revised version of his book Stealing Elections, John Fund claims that the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now "runs something called 'Camp Obama,' which trains campaign volunteers in the same tactics that Obama honed as a community organizer." In the "Notes" section of the book, Fund attributes this assertion to a Chicago Sun-Times article, but the article does not link "Camp Obama" to ACORN -- indeed, it does not mention ACORN at all. Moreover, "Camp Obama" reportedly was established and run by the Obama campaign.

Curious about the controversy over voter registration fraud? See the entire article at the MediaMatters site.

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