Monday, October 20, 2008

Fight smear on Obama's visit to his grandmother

Have the rightists any shame?!?!

Their latest smear, which you can find on the posting portion of news pages on the Internet is that Barack Obama has no birth certificate. (e.g., go google the main keywords on AOL or Washington Post, for exsample to see this perverse argument.)
So the smear goes, in this latest vulgar whispering campaign, Obama has no birth certificate. He is taking the trip to acquire one.

First off, this is offensive to bring up.

Even if we give this charge credence, why would Obama wait until three days in the crucial, precious, last two weeks of the campaign, to make this trip? He has argued that the race will narrow in the last two weeks; so, why would he voluntarily suspend his campaign for three days in the last fourteen days of the campaign?

With his money, wouldn't he have a personal assistant take care of the errand?

Just sickening, especially to do this on the ocassion of Obama's seeing his grandmother (Madelyn Dunham).

UPDATE, from a posting on the "Washington Post" site: He was born in Hawaii. The birth certificate has been displayed close-up on the TV news and his grandmother has lived in Hawaii since she was in her thirties and his sister (Maya Sotero-Ng) teaches in Hawaii. He graduated from Punahou a private high school. Both of his parents and grandfather are gone so I hope his grandmother will see him win this for her and the rest of us. He lived with his grandparents for some time and she very much took part in raising him.

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