Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain's USCWF & its ugly flyer ridiculing critics of Reagn's Bitburg visit

Maybe the growing press circulation of John McCain's board membership in John Singlaub's extremist organization is why McCain was silent on William Ayers during Tuesday night's debate.
[From my post mid-way through the debate]:
From MyDD, 10/7/08, 6:16 PM:
John McCain was a member of the U.S. Council of World Freedom from 1981 to 1986. He was a board member for part of that time.
Ronald Reagan was rightly criticized for making a memorial 1985 pilgrimage to the Bitburg cemetery during a trip to Germany. Who was buried at Bitburg? SS Nazis soldiers were buried there. This visit was inappropriate. Reagan's excuse for the visit was expressing reconciliation with Germany. One can reconcile with Germany without making this kind of visit.
From MyDD:
It's been covered today by the Associated Press that John McCain sat on the Board of the World Freedom, many of whose members were staunchly anti-Semitic. What they did not know, however, was the kind of Jew-bashing material they produced in defense of Ronald Reagan's visit to Bitburg, Germany, the burial site of the infamous SS.

McCain's CWF issued this mean, hurtful flyer, as revealed by Talking Points Memo. It defended Reagan's trip to Bitburg, and it criticized opponents of the visit as "misguided souls" who were "wallowing in self-pity."
McCain reportedly was still associating with the group a few months later: A States News Service article from October 15, 1985, found via Nexis, confirms that McCain was on hand at a Council awards dinner.

McCain told the AP that he resigned the group’s advisory board in 1984, and eventually asked to have his name removed from the letterhead. But the State News Service article places him at a group dinner a year later.

---from this blog.

The ugly spirit of the flier demonstrates why critics of the USCWF label it as anti-Semitic. (The "Washington Post" has more background on the flier's author, William Goldborough.)
Where is the shame and outrage for McCain's association with this group?

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