Friday, October 24, 2008

GOP operative, ex-con, on vote rigging tactics

" Ex-GOP operative tells cautionary tale about 'how to rig an election'"

Allen Raymond was a GOP operative, being a member of the Republican Leadership Council. He also operated a phone bank company. The two aspects came together in his role in the 2002 New Hampshire phone jamming scandal.

He tells of his role in interfering in elections, at the service of the Republican Party in a new book, "How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative."
--Click here for the alternet interview with Raymond.
Details of his role, his jail time, and his book are available in the CNN article.

In a year with election-interfering conduct by Republicans, high and low, Democrats need to be vigilant in exposing misdeeds such as those confessed by Raymond.

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